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Near Victoria's surf coast, take a tour and learn all about ostrich at Australia's largest ostrich farm.

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Buy online or visit 'The Vault', our direct retail outlet for luxury goods, quality Australian gifts, and other items.


Quality products for retail and wholesale buyers, including leather, meat, eggs, feathers, livestock and other produce.

Hastings Ostrich Australia

Hastings Ostrich Australia integrates Australia's leading ostrich breeding farm, industry consultancy services, production, manufacturing, wholesale and retail sales to export and local markets.

Hastings Ostrich Farms stud farm manages over 3000 birds of various ages and supplies other farms with stock both within Australia and internationally. Breeds include African Black, Australian Black, Zimbabwe Blue and Kenyan Red neck ostrich.

The incubation complex has over 3000 eggs capacity at one time. It is one of the most technologically advanced complex's in Australia and is frequently visited by other growers and international visitors.

Our farm produce includes luxury ostrich leather goods, leather, and premium quality meat and feather goods. The farms are export accredited and all stock processed in export plants.

Retail sales of farm produce as well as other Australian exotic goods are available from our online shop and our direct outlet shop 'The Vault', located in Winchelsea, en route to the Victorian surf coast. Drop in and pick up luxury goods at affordable prices or unique Australian gifts.

Contact 'The Vault' or 'Hastings Ostrich Services Pty. Ltd.' our wholesale business for luxury leathers. Our hides are sourced by top Australian manufacturers and European Fashion houses while our quality meat is sought after on the export market due to its consistent high quality.


We are currently setting up our new web site. Our online shop will be available early in 2010.

Livestock and genetics

Australia's leading ostrich genetic and production flock, Hastings Ostrich Farms exports stock throughout the world.

Consultancy services

20 years of best practice with ostrich production, genetic improvement, industry representation, promotion and research.

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