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Hastings Ostrich Services has been a pioneer in the Australian Ostrich Industry with its establishment in 1989. Over the years it has continued to be a leader in the Australian Ostrich Industry due to its ongoing pursuit for excellence in all aspects of ostrich farming. The properties are the mainstay of Australian research into aspects of Ostrich farming and improvement with current genetic and nutrition work being conducted on them in conjunction with 2 universities and government support. Developing from 8 chicks in 1989, the company now manages over 3000 birds of various ages, and hatches over 7000 chicks per year.

Hastings Ostrich Services is continually growing due to a wide recognition both throughout Australia and internationally of the quality of its stock and back up service.

Director :: Michael Hastings

Michael Hastings is the managing director and has carried out ostrich consultancy in a number of countries over the years and has also represented the Australian industry at the first International Ostrich research conference in Manchester 1997 , presented 2 papers in Spain 2005, and another at its conference on the Gold Coast in 2008. He has also been on the executive of the Australian Ostrich Association industry body for many years and the current President representing the ostrich industry on a variety of industry and government issues. Michael has also been a major contributor and speaker at Australian ostrich conferences. He completed his university honours thesis on Ostrich farming, which went on to be published as a book in 1991 and was the first published in Australia. Michael is able to offer services at all levels of the ostrich industry from technical and design aspects to practical farm management and production issues.

Michael is also a qualified adult education trainer and has conducted many ostrich farming training courses and has also lectured at Marcus Oldham Agricultural College in Animal Production, Business Management and Marketing.

International Clients

Hastings Ostrich Services has grown due to its outstanding stock and quality services. These attributes have continually expanded its client base. Customers continue to become return buyers and users of services, which is very important to us as it illustrates their satisfaction.

Hastings Ostrich Farms is able to currently export meat to EU, USA and most Asian countries and also skins to all majors purchasing countries as either wet salted, crust or finished. In addition live ostrich and eggs have been exported to Austral Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Hastings Ostrich Farms is the only Australian farm that has exported ostrich from Australia over the past 10 years.





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