Hastings Ostrich Livestock

Hastings Ostrich Farms has been a pioneer in the Australian Ostrich Industry with its establishment in 1989. Over the years it has continued to be a leader in the Australian Ostrich Industry due to its ongoing pursuit for excellence in all aspects of ostrich farming. The properties are the mainstay of Australian research into aspects of Ostrich farming and improvement with continued genetic and nutrition improvement conducted annually.

The company now manages over 3000 birds of various ages, and has the capacity to hatch over 5000 chicks per year.

Breeding Farm

The genetics that are represented on the breeding farm have been very carefully selected from the best stock available that were imported into Australia. The breeding farm has a selection of African Black, Australian Black, Zimbabwe Blue, Kenyan Red and Hastings White ostrich. The farm has an intensive genetic improvement program to utilise the very best genetics and traits from each breed to produce the best ostrich available.

All stock have been graded for their skin quality, meat production, temperament, egg production, growth rate, hatch rates and chick survivability. The progeny now produced outperform all other farms in Australia. Due to outstanding results a regular international customer base has emerged who seek regular genetic improvement for their flocks. All traits are continually being selected for. Every egg and chick produced can be traced back to its parents, allowing full traceability of good and bad performers. We are now the only Australian farm with a full genetic improvement program in place.

The breeding farm and hatchery are frequently AQIS (Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service) inspected and the whole flock is managed under the Australian Ratite On Farm Surveillance Plan to supply the EU and management has over 25 years export experience.



The current incubation complex is capable of holding over 2500 eggs at any one time and hence over 10000 eggs per season. It is regarded as one of the most technologically advanced and best set up complex’s in Australia It is also complies with AQIS and EU standards.