Livestock Genetics

Michael Hastings who established Hastings Ostrich Services Pty Ltd and completed his University Honours thesis on Ostrich Farms is a very strong believer in objective measurement of livestock, traceability and continual livestock improvement. In order to improve all livestock must be individually identified and traceable to breeding parents or lines so that they can be evaluated for all important commercial traits. These traits include egg production, fertility, hatchability, chick survival, structural soundness of stock, growth rate, docility, meat yield and quality, feathers and leather quality.

“If you can’t trace it or measure it you can’t improve it”

As a result Hastings Ostrich Farms has a range of pure and commercial lines of birds with a continued pursuit to improve the quality of the flock.
Over the past 3 decades the farms have supplied eggs, day old chicks, yearlings and pre-breeders to other farms and international customers who have utilised the birds as foundation stock for their breeding and commercial farms.

Red Neck Ostrich


African Black Ostrich


Zimbabwe Blue Ostrich


Hastings White Ostrich