Ostrich Produce

Hastings Ostrich Farms produce leather, hides and quality meat. We sell to local and international retail and wholesale customers.

Hastings Ostrich Farms breeding farm produces eggs, day-old chicks and breeding stock. With over 30 years of selection the flock has an international reputation as superior genetics.

We produce fine leathers and hides and manufacture a range of exotic and luxury leathergoods.


Feathers and Dusters

Ostrich Feathers have been recognised for their unique quality and elegance since for centuries. Highly sought after by fashion houses. Due to their unique structure and fine feather filaments. Ostrich dusters are still regarded as the best quality dusters. Hastings Ostrich farms stock a range of feather and dusters.


Eggs & Breeding Stock

Hastings Ostrich Farms supplies breeding stock and genetics to the Australian and international ostrich industry.

The stud farm is the primary supplier of breeding ostrich to the Australian ostrich industry.

Our breeding program is based on pure lines of African Black, Zimbabwe Blue, Kenyan Red, Australian Grey and our unique Whites. All stock have been selected for structural soundness, egg production, fertility, hatchability, carcase yield, skin quality, and growth rates which are all critical traits needed for a successful commercial ostrich business. Our genetic program is now combining to best traits from each breed to produce stock that will add significantly higher returns to commercial ostrich farmers and companies. Our genetics have consistently outperformed other stock in many countries and been the foundation to many international ostrich flocks and as a source for replacement breeders and new genetics.

We export eggs and day old chicks all over the world. Since 1990 we have exported to over 14 countries. We are well placed also to supply stock to the northern hemisphere market when their stock are not producing. Australia has a very high biosecurity and disease free status which assists all export programs.

Ostrich Skins

Fine Leathers

High quality tanned ostrich hides are supplied and available direct from our Farm shop wholesale.

In addition Hastings Ostrich Farms also manufacture a range of quality leather goods manufactured in Australia and sold wholesale and retail at the Vault in Winchelsea.

Hides/Raw Skins

We are the leading supplier of wet salted hides from Australia to a number of tanneries supplying top fashion houses, boot and shoe manufacturers, car restorers, bag manufacturers and many more.

Wet salted hides are also available in bulk.

Ostrich Eating Eggs

Ostrich Eggs are great to eat and can be used the same as any other egg or for quiches and pasta. Eggs are usually 1.3-1.6kg in size. Hastings Ostrich Farms supplies a number of outlets so please contact us to find the nearest option.


Quality Meat

Ostrich meat is lean, tender and healthy. Ostrich meat is a red meat very low in cholesterol and high in Iron. Our birds are grown free range and provide a consistent high quality product that is environmentally sustainable with high welfare standards.

We export directly to markets in Asia, USA, Europe and our product accredited for most export markets.